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Friends of St. Francis / Re: Greetings, friends
« Last post by Alan Siegman on February 08, 2017, 05:08:05 PM »
WELCOME Secular Franciscan Order, St. Anthony Fraternity   :)

I made a membergroup for "SFO St. Anthony."  You can't join it on your own; I have to add you after I see your registration.

Being in that group opens another section that can only be viewed by group members (and admins).  You can post here, but the public can see it without logging in.  I don't know how we will want to use it so we'll see how this works and can adjust.

If you have any issues registering, you may call me and I will help you or do it for you.  I just need a login name and your email address to register you.  Also if you prefer a certain password, I'd need that too.

Also if you want a "display name" different that your login you can change that in your profile or I can do it for you.  For example my login is Alan, but I might change my display name to "Alan Siegman" - it could be "Word Salad" but that is descriptive only for those who 'know me'.  ;D

Go ahead and try stuff.  I'll open a 'sandbox' topic for messing around and trying things.
Future: we have extreme flexibility here.  We can add new boards, board with special limited access (like board members, or a limited audience discussion) and it's robust enough to handle enough traffic we can easily scale up for other fraternities, regional, and national, and arrange it however we want, like sections for all Franciscans, well anyway that's a bridge we can easily cross because I can do all that setup. 

Note that this software was originally written in the language Perl some >12 years ago, and Matt Siegman  8) was one of its authors.  Later it was converted to PHP and this is the second version of that software.  It has a lot of new features, but Matt installed this for me and is the other admin.  He normally doesn't look at my forums unless I call his attention to something, or I need technical support.

Friends of St. Francis / Greetings, friends
« Last post by Alan Siegman on February 05, 2017, 05:47:22 PM »
Check it out.  Try things if you want, and see how it goes.   Reply to this one, try things, start new topic -- send me message with any questions, or you may text me at 316-737-3908.  Email at

-- Alan Siegman
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